Friday, March 27, 2009

Please Pray For My Buddy Yogi

"Yogi" my best friend since puppyhood was told he has arthritis and was given Rimadyl to take for the pain. Rimadyl is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) intended for the relief of pain and inflammation in dogs. It is often used for dogs with osteoarthritis, although it is also prescribed in other situations, such as post-operatively for pain.

After a week on the drug he quit eating and became very, very sick. His liver is in big trouble. Mom remembered hearing at a dog show about how Rimadyl was causing liver damage in some dogs. Yogi is now at the vets everyday having his liver flushed to help save his life. Mom and Aunt Lori have found out many dogs have died after taking Rimadyl only for a week. Rimadyl is a very dangerous drug and should be taken off the market. Here is a website with a lot of information about the drug people don't know but should.

Here is a picture of my poor buddy fighting to get better

In better days this is Yogi being very silly with a dish rag after a bath

Silly Yogi again couldn't find a lake to cool off in so the next best thing is a mud puddle!

This is me trying to catch Yogi... He such a fast swimmer that I would wait until he was swimming back to shore and I'd grab his tail under the water and hang on!

Keep fighting buddy!

Love ya


Monday, March 23, 2009

Bath Time!

Bath time is different now days. I've always enjoyed a relaxing warm bath and the warm massaging dryer and then wooo the brushing but....... now there always seems to be this pesky "someone" always playing in the water and dryer. I just try to ignore it and enjoy my grooming.

Yep... mom learned to bathe Bella last!

Hey! She's actually now drying her wet head by rubbing it on my now dry leg!
Now Bella is as wet as I am and needs drying
Ahhh there's nothing like a good nap after a relaxing bath


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting Pointers From Westminster Champs

It looked like Mom was watching something interesting on TV so I decided to join her. Ummm...she said for some reason when I sit in her lap she can't see the TV!
I'm happy to tell her what I see...

Yikes! I'm glad I don't get mats like that poor guy!
Here's a couple of guys I'd like to play with

I think this big guy is looking at me.

Good color but funny hair-do

Now you're talking!!!!

Hey how did our squeaky toy get in the show?

Yep that's Mr. Monkey our favorite squeaky toy