Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Big Adventure by Bella

A few weeks ago my mom gave me one of those "Whoo Hooo, we're going to a show" baths and got me all beautified and trimmed. I assumed we'd be getting up early and driving to the show as usual. This time we never really went to bed and at about 11:30 PM Dad drives Mom and I to his work! I'm still trying to figure out why the show was at Dad's work!

We were only in the parking lot for a few minutes when my buddy Hummer and his mom Claire pulled up. Our car was unloaded and reloaded in Claire's car and I was put in Hummer's crate and he was now on the back seat. Dad drove away and Mom and Claire drove for a looonnnng time! We stopped a few times to stretch our legs but back on the road again. Just as I finally decided to lay down and get some sleep the sun was coming up and we were pulling up to the biggest show I've ever seen.

This show was HUGE and for some reason kept reminding me it must be time to eat.!

You see… all over this show were pictures of my food and pink everywhere!

We had arrived at the AKC Eukanuba National Championship!

Every table we’d walk by had tasty samples which I took advantage of. I quickly started to think this has to be the best show yet and worth the long drive!

Mom would tell the person at each Eukanuba booth that I’ve been eating Eukanuba since I was eating solid food and I would instantly be turned into an infomercial about gorgeous shiny coats to the people standing around. Mom would then collect extra big bags full of cool gifts and I would fill my belly with extra tasty snacks. We had a great system going!

When Mom could carry not another pink bag and I couldn’t eat another treat we decided to find our hotel and take a nap. So that’s pretty much how spent Friday at the show.

When we got to our hotel Mom and I walked through the lobby (and through the crowd that always seems to form around us out of nowhere) and into a small room with windows all around it. The doors shut behind us and the floor start to feel a little unstable. As we watched out the window the ground below started to move farther away from us. As the room got higher and I saw the things below get smaller and smaller I went lower and lower. By the time the room landed I was on my belly!! This was no room but a glass elevator and we were traveling up 5 stories!
Mom says I bolted out of the elevator like a bull but I was just anxious to see my half brother Ty who was already in our room. I rode the elevator many times after that and stood on all four legs but I didn’t care to watch out the window. Mom just held my head and I held my breath! Mom says she was very proud of me for being so brave.

Mom says I shouldn’t have told Hummer about the glass elevator because he did not want to get in to go up to our room. Ty decided to get on one side of him and I took his other side and we talked him in. I told him not to look out the window but I think he did because that was the last ride my buddy Hummer took on the scary glass elevator.

Here's some pictures of my Big Adventure......

Mom scored a cute pink Eukanuba scarf for me a one of the booths.

The boys and I had fun playing in the hotel room.

Ty, Hummer and I each found a place to settle down for the night.

This is me having a dream I was competing in the labrador deck jump we saw at the show!

Mom says my legs were really kicking!

In my dream...

I checked the pool first. Us newfs always practice water safety

This will be the spot I jump from...... and I think I can jump farther than any lab and win this!

I run fast and leeeeeap!

The crowd cheers as I swim back to ramp!!!!!

After a good night's sleep Hummer, Ty and I are getting ready for the Big Show!

Ay! Caramba!!!..Boys! look at that getting ready just across from us!

Nervously waiting to go into the ring

Here I go......Wow.. a show on plush blue carpets and red velvets ropes. I wish Sophie was here to see this.

I got 2nd place and Ty got first place! Hummer had to compete with a lot of other Champions and looked very handsome and did an absolutly perfect free stack right in front of the judge.

The Olympic Gold Medal gymnast (and winner of Dancing with the Stars) Shaun Johnson came to watch the Newfs compete for Best in Breed but ended up playing with me instead while her cameras kept rolling. Hopefully I'll make the cut and be on TV in Feb. when this show airs.

We said good bye to Ty and his mom as they drove off heading for home.

While Hummer and I slept Mom and Claire watched Groups and Best in Show!

Mom and Claire decided to change hotels and get a room with no glass elevator and an air conditioner for our 2nd night- we agreed!

Ahhh much better....ZZZ (Bella) zzzzzz( Hummer) ZZZZZ (Bella) zzzzz(Hummer)

Hummer and I got a good night sleep in our new hotel room before the long drive home. No glass elevator and an air conditioner on high!

So that was my big adventure!