Sunday, September 28, 2008

Introducing Win N Rome's One And Only Isabella!

The next big chapter in our lives started the day I learned I was pregnant!

I felt like I was carrying 12 big babies but.......

No! Just ONE BIG GIANT one the Dr. said!

She still loves to sleep like this

We named her Win N Rome's One And Only Isabella

Bella's only littermate was a stuffed toy Newfie named "Sister"

I was never too far away
Bella never sleeps without her "Sister"

As soon as I thought Bella was old enough I had her watch her first dog show

as I taught her all the finer tips of becoming a beautiful show dog

Uh Oh..... she's up and on the move!

Learning to take care of business like a proper lady

Bella discovered the garden hose at 6 weeks and still remains close friends with it today

I wonder where she gets her attitude???

First bath

I couldn't wait for her to get big enough to play with.

Everyday I would mash a toy into her face trying to get her grab onto and play tug of war

She finally latched on and we've been pulling ever since

I taught her all my best moves

I think we need a bigger bag of food

Bella couldn't have been more happy when she was big enough to explore the backyard


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Becoming A Champion!

It takes 15 points and two Majors to become a Champion.
With one point already under my belt won at my first show
I was after 14 more and two Majors (a Major is 10 or more girls!)

Winning 4th place in my class at the Newfoundland Specialty
in Dixon CA

Here's my handsome brother Mr. Big and I with
Aunt Karen after the show

Winning Best of Winners and Best of Opposite!
In Petaluma CA
With Judge Donavan Thomas

Winning Best of Opposite
In Grassvalley CA
with judge Carolyn Alexander

Winning Best of Opposite
In Sonora CA
with judge Pat Hastings

Whoo Hooo!
Jeff became available again so there was no stopping us now!
My first Major Win!
In Vallejo CA
with judge Lesley Hiltz

Winning Best of Opposite
with Judge Linda Riedel
in Grassvalley CA

My biggest win ever was with the prestigious judge
Ron Menaker - Chairman of the Board of American Kennel Club
at the beautiful Palm Springs CA show
Winning this Major completed my Championship and…
introduced me to peanut butter Chewy Louie’s!
The best cookie ever!
* It’s now mandatory a case be bought at every
Red Barn stand we see

Thanks to:
Jeff Heim (The # 1 handler!)
Blossom Heim for the giving me the best trimmed feet and hocks in the ring!
Michael and Krystal McGuire for taking on my first season of shows
Aunt Phyllis and Aunt Karen for teaching my mom had to groom and trim me for shows
Aunt Jill for keeping me excited about going to shows by the endless supply
of cookies you "tossed" from your pocket to my mouth!
and Thanks to the judges:
Patricia Gellerman, Donavan Thomas, Linda Riedel, Lesley Hiltz, Pat Hastings,
Carolyn Alexander, Beverly Bonadonnna-Vics, Danny Canino, Peter Emily,
Terry Goldman and Ronald Menaker.

Sophie ("CH" Bonnie Bay's Heaven Sent)

75th NCA National Specialty

My second show ever just happen to be at the Newfoundland National Specialty when it came to the West Coast (Monterey CA). We met the very best handler ever that weekend. His name is Jeff Heim. My class was huge with 30 Newfies! I made the first round of cuts which we were thrilled with.

How's my pose?

Reach and Drive...... Reach and Drive

After the show I got to see my very handsome brother Mr. Big
who came to watch the show and see ALL the Newfies.

Can you tell why his name is Mr. Big??

After the show we went to the ocean........

and out to dinner at Village Corner in Carmel CA
Ummm what looks good tonight????

I hope the food gets here soon... I'm hungry

Here we are at dinner
My biggest fans.... my family

Back at the hotel
I'm so pooped after my big day I didn't even care I missed the bed


Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Show Time!

Ok, I got myself into my first show!
I'm so nervous I think I'm going to throw up on the way to Placerville.
I decided to just relax and shut my eyes and try to vision myself doing well.

Aunt Karen stacks my back feet........

The judge Patricia Gellerman looked at my teeth.......

We trot up....... and then back........

(I'm thinking "reach and drive"... reach and drive")

Ok this is the moment... I'm trying hard to hold my pose.

I hope she sees me way back here at the end of the line.

Guess who won? You guess it!
I won my class and then went on and won

Winners and Best of Opposite.

It's a great start to my Show Dog Career!

And who was there to cheer me on????? My brother Frankie!!!