Wednesday, September 24, 2008

75th NCA National Specialty

My second show ever just happen to be at the Newfoundland National Specialty when it came to the West Coast (Monterey CA). We met the very best handler ever that weekend. His name is Jeff Heim. My class was huge with 30 Newfies! I made the first round of cuts which we were thrilled with.

How's my pose?

Reach and Drive...... Reach and Drive

After the show I got to see my very handsome brother Mr. Big
who came to watch the show and see ALL the Newfies.

Can you tell why his name is Mr. Big??

After the show we went to the ocean........

and out to dinner at Village Corner in Carmel CA
Ummm what looks good tonight????

I hope the food gets here soon... I'm hungry

Here we are at dinner
My biggest fans.... my family

Back at the hotel
I'm so pooped after my big day I didn't even care I missed the bed


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onecoatsam said...

Oh Sophie, your Mommy kept you on a leash at the beach?
I don't have to worry about that because I don't go in further than my toes.

Satch (and 'Drool)