Saturday, September 20, 2008

My first year!

I was tough from the beginning... look at me get the best of this guy!
Mom and Dad are building "me" a pool in the backyard and I'm helping.
I discovered the Kings! I still enjoy watching my favorite team.
Those were the days... small enough for indoor baths.
I met my best friend Yogi! We're both the same age (but I'm bigger)
This one of my favorite places... Folsom Lake
I'm dressed and ready for my first trip to the snow.
It can get hot in Folsom but I have fun staying cool!
I'm still tough..... look at me get the best of this guy too!
Yogi and I are big enough to swim for hours now.
My first water rescue... and not even one yet!
Finally.... My first birthday. My how I've grown! Sophie

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