Sunday, September 28, 2008

Introducing Win N Rome's One And Only Isabella!

The next big chapter in our lives started the day I learned I was pregnant!

I felt like I was carrying 12 big babies but.......

No! Just ONE BIG GIANT one the Dr. said!

She still loves to sleep like this

We named her Win N Rome's One And Only Isabella

Bella's only littermate was a stuffed toy Newfie named "Sister"

I was never too far away
Bella never sleeps without her "Sister"

As soon as I thought Bella was old enough I had her watch her first dog show

as I taught her all the finer tips of becoming a beautiful show dog

Uh Oh..... she's up and on the move!

Learning to take care of business like a proper lady

Bella discovered the garden hose at 6 weeks and still remains close friends with it today

I wonder where she gets her attitude???

First bath

I couldn't wait for her to get big enough to play with.

Everyday I would mash a toy into her face trying to get her grab onto and play tug of war

She finally latched on and we've been pulling ever since

I taught her all my best moves

I think we need a bigger bag of food

Bella couldn't have been more happy when she was big enough to explore the backyard



CDS said...

What a precious puppy!! Good job Sophie! You are a great Newfy Mom. Now my Mom says she's getting Puppyitis!!(I hope that's not contageous!) But she says I'm still her best puppy:)

Your buddy,


Gizmosav said...

What a little cutie...great job Sophie, you look like the best of mommies!!!!
I would love to have a little bro to hang out with!!!

onecoatsam said...

Sophie -

You are such a great mommy and the two of you are just so precious.
We hope to see you girls soon.


Morlor said...

Can't wait to see Sophie again, I hope Bella remember's me.

Auntie Lori