Monday, October 27, 2008

On The Hunt

Indoor play has been fun but...

Now that I'm BIG I get to play in the backyard!

mmm Let me see what looks good

Look at this cool thing I found. I've never seen one of these before.

What was that?? I hear something!
I thought it was coming from over here but I had to listen again.

Maybe it was coming from in here

Maybe it went up this hill

whew! This hill is steep

Ok I made it to the top... How do I get down???

Sliding on my belly works

Mom had to come to my rescue and help me down

I think I'll stay on flat ground until tomorrow when I'm bigger

All that mountain climbing made me hot so I went swimming to cool off

Mom's giving me my first swimming lesson

All that exploring makes a growing girl like me hungry

There's probably food left in here somewhere

"Sister" and I are getting sleepy after all that exploring

Watch and see.....When I wake up from this nap I'm going to be even BIGGER!



onecoatsam said...

You and your Mum are the cutest and oh so beautiful. How 'bout a double date?


CDS said...

Bella, you are so cute, you should write a children's book with you staring in it!

Your buddy, Hummer