Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Champion" Win N Rome's One And Only Isabella!

I noticed that mom screamed a lot louder than usual when Jeff and I won last weekend because....I'M A CHAMPION!!!!!!WHOOO HOOO I'M A CHAMPION
As I walked into the ring I started to wonder if Champions get more cookies at the end of each day. I tired to concentrate on showing and not future cookies as the judge walked toward us. That's us at the end of line up... I hope he sees us back here.

Here we go........ oh look there's mom......... Hi Mom...

Now for the teeth check....

The down and back..... Jeff taught me to free stack. Have I mentioned lately Jeff Heim is the most talented handler a girl could ever hope for????

Around again.....reach and drive........reach and drive.... head up.... I hope I'm remembering everthing my Mama Sophie taught me.

Thank you Michel Chaloux from Canada!!!! Now we get to play with the big boys in Best of Breed.
"The Champion"