Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Newfoundland Specialty in San Diego

I went to my first show right on my 6 month birthday.
I thought the judge was going to take my liver treat
out of my mouth so I sat down and closed my mouth tight!

opps, I found out later she just wanted to look at my teeth.
(Well.... usually when people are opening my mouth it's to take something out)

I know better now so Sophie and I are getting ready for the
Newfie Specialty in San Diego

Don't forget to bring some of these

We CANNOT forget my food bowl!
ohhh phhhh I just found out we have a long drive ahead of us

Whoo hooo my Bella is going to her first Specialty

Wait..... did you stay 6 hours in the car with Bella???

Whoooooo hooooooooo whoooooo hoooooo Bella won!


My grandmother (The beautiful and sweet Miss Ottis) passed on one big no no to me.......

I promised to never chew walls againI found something every more fun than chewing walls!

I can't believe I haven't found this fun sooner!

Uh Oh let me guess.... this is a no no too???

I hope I can keep all these No No's straight


Chewing And Even More Chewing

Growing adult teeth takes a lot of chewing
(Notice the window sills??)
One afternoon I couldn't sleep so I woke my mama Sophie up.
She told me of a secret place she left a good chewing stick
I hope I'm going the right way

My long legs can climb these hills easy nowI can make it down easy now too
I found it!!!
Oh yeah this is a good chewing stick

I don't know why but everyone says they'll be glad when I'm done teething

Thanks mama Sophie I can go back to napping now

I wonder if those baseboards are off limits like the window sills??