Friday, May 29, 2009

A Working Dogs' "Work" Is Never Done

Today was a "working day" for Bella and I. Being working dogs we're pretty good at this kind of thing. Today was a different kind of "working" day... no we didn't have to haul in heavy nets full of fish while fighting the cold, rough waves of the Newfoundland coast line or rescue anyone from the water nor did we have to pull heavy carts full of fish to market. No working the show circut today so no washing, drying, trimming, fluffing and styling with every kind of product sold.

Today we do what us Newfies do best.... KIDS!!!!!!!!!!

Bella and I went to Mom's classroom for the whole day! We look forward to this annual trip every spring. The kids are learning about animal features so we have them discover all the wonderful features of us newfies.

Can you tell this is very hard "work"?? It's good thing us "working" dogs can handle it. Now watch us "work"....

Yep, my toes are webbed.
It helps us swim for miles with less effort

Can you see I have two layers of fur?
One layer for warmth and one layer to keep me dry.

Check out my SIZE...
Do you think a little dog could do the "work" we do???

We make very good nannies to you little ones.
Do you remember Nana in Peter Pan?

My "floppy mussle" as Naomi calls it helps me
to breathe while swimming hard pulling to shore fishing nets
and even people.

Yes, my ears are close to my head so water doesn't get in.

I didn't quite catch that...could you repeat that question

Bella still likes to sit on laps.

We loved to be groomed.... a little to left please

Mom had read many stories with newfies in them before we came in

We're still "Working"

Here's some video of our "Work"

We shared our many "other talents" too!!

Oh and there was one more thing that was very special about our day....

It was Bella's 2nd birthday so the kids helped us celebrate. We brought our favorite "Frosty Paws" for us and cookies for the kids. We invited another class to join us.


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Gizmosav said...

oh you girls look like you had a whole lotta fun!!...I love classroom visits too!
Happy belated Bday Bella, it looks like you had a great day!
Your Canadian Friend