Sunday, February 28, 2010

The New Monkeys Are Here!!!

Look!!! The new Mr. Monkeys are here!!

If you remember these monkeys are our absolute favorite toys. Their squeakers last a long time and hold up to our many tug of war games too. The very nice people at Haught Dawgs sent them to us all the way from Oregon.
Now how do we get them down here???

I've almost got his foot

Now you get down here Mr. Monkeys!!!

We need a better plan

You're taller... quick... grab the box and pull it down here!

Good Job Bella- You did it!

This is better than Christmas!

Ahhh nothing like a new Mr. Monkey!!

I just love my new Mr. Monkey!

I have an idea.........

....... it's always fun playing with just ONE Mr. Monkey!!

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