Saturday, June 5, 2010

Never A Dull Day!

When setting off on our walks I wonder if we'll go right????Or maybe we'll go left.....

but I'm always amazed at the new friends we meet along the way

I had never smelled anything like this before and
could not imagine what the heck it was!

I pulled Mom hard to get a closer smell but the little guy was getting uncomfortable.

Mom told us it was a goat!
We had never met a goat before and boy did it smell different!

I was extremely interested in this new creature discovery.

Bella thought it was interesting but wanted to keep moving.
I wanted to stay and learn more about goats!

It didn't take long to discover another new creature!!

Two new smells in one day!!

This one had me stumped too.

Mom told me it was a bullfrog (whatever that is???)
I've met a few bullDOGS at shows and even a French BullDOG once but never a BullFROG!

Geez they make a weird sound. I tried giving him a little nudge and all he did was make a louder noise. He finally had had it with my nudging and leaped across the path. Mom and I jumped at the same time to the opposite side of the path!
We were both glad no one was around to see us jump so high over a little bullfrog.
Shhh that's our little secret.

Yep, Never A Dull Day


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