Monday, January 19, 2009

We're Baaack!

We've been keeping busy with swimming, lounging, taking long walks and hosting a BBQ!

No! Those are not two Water Buffaloes

Grandma even came for a week long visit and went on walks with us!

We had a BBQ and invited our friends: We called it "Girls Gone Wild"

The Girls: Sophie, Bella, Phoebe, Addy and Uma

Bella and Addy (the kids) played in the pool while the adults hung out at the BBQ!

Oh Yeah... one thing more has happened since we've seen you... Bella got Best of Winners and earned her first point- whoo hooo!

1 comment:

Gizmosav said...

hey Bella,
Congratulations....the first of many!!...My mom is coming to see you soon..your pool sure looks like alot of fun....I bet my buddy Satchie would love it!!!!
Big Hugs