Thursday, February 12, 2009

We Love Our 'Squeaky" Stuffed Toys

My dad Paris passed on to me the love of the squeaky stuffed toy!
I hid this stuffed animal from Bella because when she was young she used to pull the stuffing out! Now that she's over that terrible behavior it is safe to bring one of my favorites out from hiding. I really missed this guy.
And I passed that trait onto Bella.
This is Bella napping with our "Newf Size" toy we got for Christmas.

Mr. Monkey is still one of our favorites because he has the best squeaker!

He seems to be able to stand up to our tug of war games too!


Gizmosav said...

Wow!! You two have lots of stuffed toys!!...I love my stuffies too. Mom brought me one back from CP but I already tore the squeaker out!!
You guys are gorgeous!!!

CDS said...

My buddy Cher is the toy fanatic! She even throws her own ball if there is no one around. It's quite entertaining. However, Bella, that's quite a stuffed friend you have! It does help to pass the time until the next dog show. Looking forward to seeing you at the shows!

Your Buddy, Hummer

Sandy said...

I enjoyed viewing your photos and reading your blog. You guys are adorable.